Our Team Members

Hussein Aboodi is CEO and one of the team members

Chiropractor & Director

Hussein Aboodi

Dr Hussein Aboodi is an esteemed chiropractor renowned for his innovative approach to chronic pain management and the transformative power of chiropractic care on brain function. With a decorated career spanning various locations including Sydney, Orange, Dalby, and Toowoomba, Hussein has dedicated his expertise to enhancing the well-being of thousands of families. His philosophy centers on clear communication and simplifying diagnoses, empowering patients to take charge of their health journey. Hussein’s commitment to patient education and his belief in the collaborative nature of healthcare have positioned him as a pivotal figure in chiropractic care, making significant strides in how chronic pain is perceived and treated


Emily Grimwood

Dr. Emily Grimwood stands out as a dedicated chiropractor, deeply committed to the transformative power of chiropractic care. Her passion for the field stems from her own experiences, starting from a post-birth check-up influenced by her parents’ strong belief in the benefits of chiropractic. This lifelong engagement has cultivated in her a profound appreciation for the way chiropractic care enhances body awareness and fosters a crucial connection between the brain and body. Emily is devoted to helping her clients overcome limitations and achieve optimal health. She offers tailored chiropractic solutions that address a wide range of needs, from musculoskeletal issues and pain relief to postural adjustments and performance enhancement. Furthermore, Emily specializes in paediatric and family chiropractic care, emphasizing the importance of holistic health for all family members, regardless of age.

Her practice is a haven of support and joy, where progress and laughter go hand in hand. Emily excels in providing pain relief, enhancing athletic performance, and supporting children in achieving their developmental milestones, demonstrating her comprehensive commitment to her clients’ well-being. Emily’s approach to chiropractic care is inclusive and personalized, catering to individuals with ongoing pain, postural concerns, athletes looking to improve performance, and families in search of a holistic healthcare provider. Her unwavering belief in the comprehensive benefits of chiropractic care is at the heart of her practice, guiding her mission to help everyone she works with live a boundless life.


Ben Phillips

Dr. Ben Phillips, a distinguished chiropractor, life coach, and health & wellness educator, brings a comprehensive and proactive approach to healthcare. With 15 years of clinical practice, he combines his extensive knowledge and experience to empower individuals towards achieving optimal health and wellness. His philosophy centers on the application of chiropractic care as a fundamental component of a vibrant lifestyle, complemented by education and life coaching to enhance overall well-being.

Dr. Ben’s journey in the health field is underpinned by rigorous training, including five years of university-level education and a continuous quest for knowledge through post-graduate certifications and personal growth seminars. This holistic background enables him to offer a unique blend of chiropractic expertise and wellness strategies tailored to individual needs. At the core of his practice is a commitment to preventative healthcare, focusing on helping clients understand their bodies and how to maintain health proactively, rather than solely reacting to illness. Dr. Ben advocates for a healthcare model that emphasizes early intervention and ongoing wellness, aiming to shift societal perceptions towards health and encourage a more informed, health-conscious community.

His practice is a testament to the belief that chiropractic care is central to living a truly healthy life. By integrating chiropractic adjustments with lifestyle modifications and wellness coaching, Dr. Ben supports his clients in reaching their health goals, whether it’s improving physical function, enhancing performance, or achieving a greater sense of vitality and joy in life. Dr. Ben Phillips is dedicated to transforming healthcare from a reactive to a proactive endeavor, inspiring individuals and communities to embrace a holistic and vibrant approach to health. Through his work, he seeks to redefine the role of chiropractic care in the modern healthcare landscape, highlighting its integral value in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.

Massage Therapist

Leina Zhu

With a profound passion for sport and exercise and a commitment to fitness, Leina embarked on her journey in the 
health and wellness domain by completing Certificates III & IV in Fitness. Her growing fascination with the intricacies of human anatomy and a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation led her to pursue a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Randwick TAFE. Leina delivers a holistic approach to each client, blending her extensive fitness knowledge with adept massage skills. This unique blend equips her with a deep understanding of how to address chronic pains and sports-related injuries effectively. Enthusiastic about providing personalised massage treatments, Leina is dedicated to catering to the varied needs of her clients, ensuring each treatment is as unique as the individual receiving it

Massage Therapist

Kushma Bhattarai

Kushma is a highly skilled remedial massage therapist trained at Q Academy in Australia, is officially registered with AMT. With a background as a physiotherapist abroad, she seamlessly integrates a comprehensive perspective into her sessions, emphasising the unique needs of each individual. Fluent in Italian, Hindi, and English, Kushma’s holistic approach ensures that every treatment is tailored to provide optimal care and relief. She also provides stretches and exercises as part of her comprehensive treatment plan.