Activator Technique in Toowoomba

Over the past few years, the activator technique has become popular because of its low-force and gentle approach toward chiropractic care. Family Wellness Centre has been using this technique on patients of different age groups so that they can be relieved of different health issues. With a research-based analysis and an adjusting instrument, it helps to restore your spinal balance.

Activator Technique

What is Activator Technique?

When it is about the most widely researched and used chiropractic techniques that also had clinical trials, then the activator technique comes into our minds. This particular technique utilizes an instrument that uses an activator for adjustment so that the neck and back pain can be treated. Its main purpose is to treat several other health issues that have extremities.

Family Wellness Centre is famous for its activator technique service. The activator is a spring-loaded and a handheld instrument and its purpose is to deliver the thrust to the right location. The instrument has a rubberized head that has a small and quick movement.

Activator Technique Overview

Activator Technique Overview

The chiropractor can control the force being applied toward the shoulders, spine, knees and various joints of the patient.

The activator technique Toowoomba is ideal for those who experience inflammation in the joints or back and are in pain. It is worth mentioning that the treatment offered by the activator never aggravates the existing pain. Our activator technique chiropractor Toowoomba ensures that your nerve flow pattern gets restored with the precise application of high-speed movement, and your tension will fade away through healing.

Precise Healing Touch

There is a particular area on which the gentle force can be applied, and as compared to that, the other chiropractor techniques use larger areas. The activator technique chiropractor Toowoomba can gently shift the shoulder blades, ribs and wrists for improved nerve message flow.

Targeted Relief

The activator method becomes most effective when a person has neurological disorders, spine, pain and stiffness in extremities.


Benefits of Activator Technique

There are several chiropractors out there, but not everyone is trained to use the activator technique. Chiropractors like the ones at the Family Wellness Centre have completed additional training for the right use, and that is why they can practice it extensively. The following are some of the benefits of this technique.

Activator Technique Advantages

One of the major benefits of the activator technique is that it offers chiropractic adjustment without much force. So, if an individual is a senior, a baby or one who is sensitive to touch and pressure can have comfortable adjustment through this method.

Safe and Effective

The activator technique service offered by the top chiropractors doesn't need to twist the neck or the body of the individual, especially one who is pregnant or has osteoporosis.

Customized Comfort

It is possible to adjust the activator if the patient tenses up during adjustment. Another important thing to note is that the activator’s speed in the activator technique Toowoomba allows joint movement before making the muscles tense.

Reasons to Choose Us

Why Choose Our Activator Technique in Toowoomba?

The best thing about offering chiropractic care is that the specialists can adopt different approaches to it. The most important thing is to choose between the instrument-assisted and the manual adjustments. At the Family Wellness Centre, the activator technique treats patients from all parts of the country. When our chiropractor adjusts an individual, we either use a small device or our hands, because some patients don’t have impressive past experiences with the activators.

Certified Care

The activator technique service that we provide ensures that the chiropractor that we provide you is certified and you get the best possible treatment. The activator device that we use resembles the manual spine adjustment. We consider the use of the device to be a more accurate way of spine manipulation. The speed of the instrument helps us to make sure that our muscles are less likely to be tense during the entire treatment.

Focused Precision

As compared to the manual adjustment, the activator technique Toowoomba can localize treatment towards a small area. Therefore, a patient can get the same amount of force as manual adjustment, but the main advantage is that it will be a lot focused and in a concise area. Although the activator has been around for a long time, the majority of people are not familiar with it. Our professionals find it to be safe for professional usage in terms of adjustments and spinal alignments.

Guided Support

When a professional activator technique chiropractor Toowoomba like the one in the Family Wellness Centre guides and helps you through every step of the way, there are special exercises and a perfect mechanism for follow-ups. So, you will find our center to be the right place that will be yielding successful results for you.


Our Services and Techniques

The chiropractors at the Family Wellness Centre recommend regular visits to the patients who undergo the activator technique. Keep in mind that it all depends on whether the patients show improvement or not. If the pain doesn’t stop after some time, then the procedure will be stopped and the symptoms will be re-evaluated. There are cases in which our experts may recommend different kinds of chiropractic manipulation.

Although the activator technique Toowoomba has several forms of treatment, there are distinct advantages that our instrument-assisted chiropractic treatment offers to the patients.

Controlled Force

Controlled Force

When the activator technique service is provided by our chiropractor, force is applied to the specific area of the patient that needs adjustment. This helps to make sure that we don’t put the patient’s joint in a compromised position.

Quick Application Method

Quick Application Method

The best thing about the activator method is that it is quick and the muscles would not resist or become tense during the treatment. Our activator technique chiropractor Toowoomba will ensure that there is no muscle resistance, and that is why the treatment will be very effective in relieving pain.


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