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The Family Wellness Centre has been serving Epping Residents for over 12 years.

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The Family Wellness Centre is a holistic health and wellness hub for all individuals with different health concerns to reach improvements in patient health, injury, and wellbeing. Book a chiropractor in Toowoomba and Epping now.

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The Family Wellness Centre has been serving the community for over 12 years, with multiple locations across Australia. The owner and director, Dr. Hussein Aboodi, an award-winning chiropractor, has led the centre to new heights of holistic health care excellence. Under his guidance, the centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to health that caters to individuals of all ages. 

Hussein Aboodi is CEO and one of the team members

Chiropractor & Director

Dr Hussein Aboodi

Dr Hussein Aboodi is an esteemed chiropractor renowned for his innovative approach to chronic pain management and the transformative power of chiropractic care on brain function.

Condition We treat


Neck and Shoulder pain

Lower back pain, Slipped disc, or Sciatica conditions we treat

Lower back pain

Nerve Entrapment and Carpal tunnel symptoms

Nerve Entrapment




Headaches & Migranes



Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Posture Correction

Posture Correction

Feel The Body Adjustment From Head to the Toe

Tap into your body’s natural healing potential with innate intelligence – the powerful ability that coordinates and regulates your body’s complex functions to restore and maintain optimal health

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Epping Family Wellness Centre

The Family Wellness Centre has been serving the community for over 12 years, with multiple locations across Australia.

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Spinal x-Ray Imaging (if needed)"

This will help us identify if there are any structural or alignment which may be contributing to your pain *must have medicare*

Accurate Diagnosis

We'll diagnose and explain your issue after we work out whats going on so you get a complete understanding of the problem

Full Spine Examination

We’ll do a number of spinal joint, muscle and nerve tests to work out the exact structures causing your problem

Detailed History

We want to work out what you’re experiencing by asking specific questions so we can get to the underlying cause of your issue

Personalized Stretching Program

Receive a tailored stretching routine designed specifically for you to improve flexibility and reduce tension.

Digital Posture Analysis

Our posture program will measure specific angles from a front and side view to check alignment and symmetry in your spine

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Google Reviews

Donya GhanbariDonya Ghanbari
00:12 05 May 24
I've been under the care of Dr. Hussein for nearly three months, addressing multiple issues and injuries in my neck, shoulders, and hips. His meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and well-researched approach have significantly improved my condition. I've also gained a deeper understanding of my health through his guidance. His outstanding service is exceptional, and I'm confident we'll continue to be his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Hussein to anyone in need of chiropractor.
Thomas ChuiThomas Chui
07:54 01 May 24
I came to see Hussein at Epping Family Wellness Centre a few months ago for shoulder pain. The problem has been fixed after a few sessions with him.I find Hussein to be friendly and professional, always taking time to explain to me the questions that I have. I now have regular sessions with him for general chiropractic adjustments to maintain good posture. Thank you Hussein for your great work.
Cristian MazzoccoloCristian Mazzoccolo
11:30 25 Apr 24
I took my 4.5 years daughter for General chiro check up with Dr. Hussein. He explained very well with, how chiro can help children's further devolvement if treated from young age. Excellent service.
Tom LincolnTom Lincoln
07:17 09 Apr 24
I started seeing Hussein with really bad upper/ lower back pain. Every session I feel closer to having my back sorted and being able to not worry about being a dad to my two boys. Thanks Hussein, I really appreciate all the help.
07:46 03 Apr 24
Have been a regular for sometime and happy with the results and care.
00:31 21 Feb 24
Been coming to see the chiropractor Hussein for 2 months, due to my shoulder and posture issues.I really appreciate Hussein's holistic approach and how well & thoroughly he explains his methods, with clear and measurable goals.I like that he gives me exercises I can do at home to rehab my shoulder (instead of just a weekly band-aid solution), and the before & after analysis pictures are very eye-opening! I have already seen great improvements in my posture; my head & shoulders already feel much better than before, and expect continued improvement.The business is cash-friendly and also takes card 🙂
Jeanne CJeanne C
23:57 04 Feb 24
I had the privilege of experiencing exceptional chiropractic services under the care of Dr Hussein. His commitment to ensuring the well-being of patients is evident in the thoroughness of the explanations and the personalized approach to each session. With a focus on fostering better health outcomes, he consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for the welfare of those under their care. This level of professionalism, coupled with a sincere dedication to the improvement of patients' well-being, sets this chiropractic service apart and creates a trusting and positive patient-practitioner relationship. Go see Hussein 🙂 and feel the positive difference.
Jak ShiraziJak Shirazi
23:07 15 Dec 23
I recently had a fantastic experience with a chiropractor. The practitioner was highly skilled, addressing my concerns with precision. The adjustments were gentle yet effective, providing immediate relief. The personalized approach and thorough explanations created a comfortable and trustful atmosphere.Compared to previous less satisfying experiences with other practitioners, this chiropractor stood out for their exceptional professionalism and personalized care. Unlike my previous encounters, the practitioner took the time to understand my specific issues, explaining each step of the treatment thoroughly. The contrast in results was remarkable – the relief I experienced was far more significant than with other practitioners. I wholeheartedly recommend this chiropractor for their expertise and the positive impact they had on my well-being, setting them apart from less effective alternatives I've encountered in the past.
Aimee PerkinsAimee Perkins
10:14 12 Feb 24
Hussein Aboodi is absolutely amazing. He's firm but really gentle with correcting that's never been painful and really easy to talk to.
Peirangi StilesPeirangi Stiles
02:02 24 Jan 24
Enjoyed a one hour massage from Monica last week whilst holidaying in the area. Great service from her in a friendly environment.
Alan briersAlan briers
00:57 12 Jan 24
Extremely good service, efficient friendly and definitely recommend
Susan EadieSusan Eadie
09:02 11 Jan 24
My 1st visit today to see Robert here in Toowoomba... I seriously walked out of the office feeling fantastic... Robert is very personable.... kind and explains everything he's doing... looking forward to travelling thru this healing process... great team in Toowoomba
Kim BurgessKim Burgess
05:21 29 Dec 23
Julie FoxJulie Fox
22:40 05 Dec 23
Ally & Michaela are very welcoming & fun!Hussein is a fantastic chiropractor. My lower back pain, Achilles and posture have improved dramatically! Will continue with monthly adjustments to maintain my body! Plus he has free snacks 😜👏
Karen AcklandKaren Ackland
10:38 03 Dec 23
I have been experiencing neck, shoulder and lower back pain for over 20 years. As I have tried other remedial therapies I was a little sceptical at first, but I am glad i took the leap! I am so impressed by Hussein's professionalism and his treatment, which has helped so much in the short months I have been being treated by him. I am feeling great and able to do a lot more these days including playing with my beautiful grandchildren.
shane massinghamshane massingham
02:15 28 Nov 23
I have been receiving treatment over a number of weeks now with Hussein and have felt a lot of improvement and a vast reduction in neck pain. I chose to continue treatment on his regular schedule as he made me feel comfortable and showed early on a great understanding of what it would take to get my body more correct and remain that way for the future and I am very glad I have put my trust in his methods.. A true Professional in every way and someone I highly recommend to help other s with their chiropractic issues…
Michelle FlaniganMichelle Flanigan
04:45 14 Nov 23
I have been seeing Dr Hussein for over 3 months now he has helped me a lot with my shoulder and neck pain  he is knowledgeable and  professional.His adjustments relieved my neck and shoulder pains which I chronically suffer from due to work. I highly recommend Hussein for his positive attitude, dedication and extensive knowledge.He also taught me some dynamic exercises and stretching that helps me loosen tensed muscles and strengthen my core.Throughout my appointments  he has diligently educated me and opened my eyes to the reality that being healthy is a daily personal responsibility we have to  commit to and work hard for.
David RuseDavid Ruse
10:08 08 Nov 23
Dr Hussein is a great chiropractor. I have been suffering from low back pain for a couple of years and he is the only chiropractor that has been able to help. I would recommend you to anyone. It is a pleasure to have great customer service from your staff.

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