Why Your Bones Become More and More Brittle as You Age

As the years gracefully pass us by, our bodies embark on a remarkable journey filled with incredible transformations. However, amidst this captivating process lies an unfortunate reality – why do our bones become more and more brittle as we age? Enter the intriguing keyword: “osteoporosis.” Picture your skeleton as a magnificent architectural masterpiece, built upon a foundation of calcium and collagen fibers meticulously woven together.
Yet, with time, these essential elements start to wane in their steadfastness. The delicate balance between bone formation and resorption gets disrupted, leading to the gradual loss of bone mass and density. Hormonal changes play a significant role in this enigmatic saga; women experience decreased estrogen levels during menopause while men face dwindling testosterone levels as they age.
This hormonal imbalance further exacerbates the problem, leaving behind weakened structures that are frightfully susceptible to fractures at even the slightest provocation. So here we stand – captivated witnesses to this beguiling dance between time’s relentless march forward and our body’s struggle against its unyielding grip.

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